The First NFT to give you ownership of an investment fund

Earn passive income by owning a share of our crypto investment fund and get paid in dividends for just holding. Alpha Whale Fund is a unique community-DAO backed by a doxxed team of crypto traders and investors.


Alpha Whale Fund NFT

More than just Art. The Genesis Collection of 5,000 Alpha Whale NFTs were genuinely crafted with the intention of prioritizing Community-first.

Members of the Alpha Whale Fund are automatically granted access to the Fund, where each NFT acts a share of the Vault. NFT proceeds go to the Vault to be invested. During payout periods, the Fund will get liquidated; All holders will be eligible to receive their payouts, just like a dividend, proportional to each NFT owned.

Community Hedge fund

Step 1

Percentage of mint will go directly into the community vault

Step 2

Community is presented with crypto to invest

Step 3

Portion of vault is invested in crypto projects

Step 4

Coins are locked in vault to accumulate value

Step 5

Nft owners are paid out in ETH a dividend

Step 6

Re-vaulting begins for season 2 of investments

Step 1

Percentage of mint will go directly into the community vault.

Step 2

Community is presented with crypto to invest.

Step 3

Portion of vault is invested in crypto projects.

Step 4

Coins are locked in vault to accumulate value.

Step 5

Nft owners are paid out in ETH a dividend.

Step 6

Re-vaulting begins for season 2 of investments.

Genesis Alpha Whales

Sneak Preview of the Genesis Collection of Alpha Whale Fund.
Each Whale is granted access to the Alpha Whale Fund where profits of the NFT will be used to invest in other Crypto & other NFTs. Each member will be able to claim regular payouts every single year, proportional to each NFT owned – just like a stock dividend.

Our Roadmap

* Roadmap subject to change due to being in the very early stages of the project.
Feb 2022
Launch of Alpha Whale Fund. Initialize social media channels and hire social media marketing staff for initial content and hype building. Start partnerships early with notable Crypto & NFT influencers for ads.
Mar 2022
Drastically ramp up social media streams via Contests and Whitelist Giveaways. Reach at least 5,000 Twitter Followers & 1,000 Discord Members. Complete and fully test Mint & Reward payouts functionality.
Apr 2022
Invest heavy in Influencer & organic social media marketing. Get reviews and audits for the project before Genesis Collection launch. Reach at least 50,000 Twitter Followers & 10,000 Discord members. Set the entire stage for pre-launch / the Mint.
The Mint
Expected to start in late April. Pre-sale of the 500 Genesis Collection NFTs to be restricted to Whitelist only, followed by the Public Sale. Funds from the NFT Sales shall go to the Vault for investing with DAO Voting for the Vault initially held in Discord.

Meet the Team

Tired of cash grabs, rug pulls, and teams hiding behind fake pictures..
This is about real people dedicated
to helping people through a real project.
NFT team pic
Justin Kim
Project Management
Allan Valle
Project Management
Kenny Sabangan
NFT team pic
Patrick De La Paz

Quick Questions

The Mint: Alpha Whale Fund is
expected to start the pre-sale in late April.

The community fund is set up to hold all of our crypto assets, by accumulating our fund initially through mint, resale and royalty proceeds we are able to reinvest and grow the community fund together.  

Each NFT acts as a share of the Fund. Through each payout period, holders of the NFT will be eligible to claim payouts based on how many NFTs a holder has. If 1 Payout Unit = 1 ETH, a holder with 5 NFTs will be able to claim 5 ETH for that payout period.

Revenue from the NFT sales will get funneled to the Vault and will act as liquidity for future investments. A DAO Voting system will initially be placed in Discord for holders to vote on which Investment (Crypto) the Vault will purchase next. At the end of each year, a majority of the Vault will get liquidated and be paid out to holders as a claimable “dividend-like” payment.

We love NFTs and we love Investing. We are very optimistic about the future of the entire Crypto space and with our 10+ years of stock & options trading experience, we wanted to share the love and profits that we’ve received over the past decade back to the community.


News & PR

External News & PR Articles regarding Alpha Whale Fund
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Review of Alpha Whale Fund NFT

Review done by Crypto Jogi, a YouTube influencer with over 50k+ followers. This review was not done in collaboration with Alpha Whale Fund and is a real review of the project.

Article: AWF - First NFT Hedge Fund

In this article, Digital Journal not only explains the state of NFTs, describing the NFT space as “double-edged.” They also dive into how Alpha Whale Fund works and how this NFT project is different.

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