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Mint your Alpha Whale Fund NFT

Alpha Whales were designed for sharing success with the NFT and crypto community. With us, you can get passive income just for holding. We reward our community as much as possible.

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How to Mint

Just a few steps away from owning a Alpha Whale Fund NFT. Send us an email at if you have any question or if you need assistance.

Connect your Wallet
To get started, you'll need to first have a Metamask wallet and then connect it to our website via login. (If you do not have one, you can find open one here:
Purchase NFT(s)
Once your wallet is connected and you are logged in, you’ll be redirected to a purchase page. Complete the info on the page Be sure to have enough funds before purchasing our NFT.
Manage your New NFT(s)
After completing the purchasing process your new NFT(s) will appear in your Metamask wallet. Verify your ownership in the Alpha Whale Fund Discord to utilize the full benefits of your new NFT (channel “nft-verification”).
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